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Agency WITHOUT Walls


Today’s fast-paced global marketplace requires that we work faster and smarter, with smaller teams and smaller budgets.
Always-on means accessibility and viable communications content and paths to influencers and the public-at-large.

  • TMG is an agile boutique firm
  • We rapidly craft opportunities and solutions
  • We become your confidant, adviser, supporter and cohort
  • We know the right words to use at the right time
  • We are your agency without walls
  • A Team Member when you need us most

The Mooney Group, LLC (TMG) provides strategic communications for community organizations, corporations, government entities, nonprofits and advocacy groups. We create private/public partnerships to meet organizational objectives and develop innovative solutions for the most challenging communications and public policy issues. We lift you up and positively position your cause in an often-cluttered marketplace.

We connect with you and for you.

When you or your organization confronts serious challenges that threaten to ruin your brand, business, or reputation, we change the conversation. We specialize in difficult and unpredictable events. We are your “red phone.”

We connect with you and for you.

TMG’s experience includes a blend of:

  • Advocacy: Passion, diligence and commitment to the proposition
  • Communications: Your story across multiple channels and platforms – inside and out
  • Psychology: Use of words and images that resonate and inspire from the right spokespeople to the right audience and activate employees
Communications blocking and tackling is the same as it ever was. Our advantage is experience, finesse and grace under pressure.
TMG’s client list includes experience with cable television/telecommunications, banking, financial services, insurance, health/wellness, hospitality, food/restaurant industry, energy, environment, land use, legal services, medical, philanthropy, race relations, social justice and pandemics. We have the unique ability to advise and help you manage challenging external matters, and the internal environment.
Communications blocking and tackling is the same as it ever was. Our advantage is experience, finesse and grace under pressure.

An organization that confronts public scrutiny also faces human/internal challenges. With over 25 years of corporate communications expertise, organizational psychology scholarship, regulatory experience and active community membership, there are few “new” obstacles to us. What is happening on the “inside” impacts what is experienced outside.

Jennifer Mooney, president and founder, launched TMG after decades of experience at senior levels in the communications/media industry. Her expertise encompasses community and public relations, legislative and regulatory affairs, media and issues management, social and digital media and leadership experience in one of the most public-facing and volatile industries.

It means being honest and nimble. It means being quick with a solid plan.

TMG speaks the languages of the corporate, government, and nonprofit worlds. Our experience gives your enterprise the ability to navigate through unwanted surprises in the regulatory and political arenas and in the 24-hour news cycle.

We rapidly find the words, language and communications channels to best position you, whatever the opportunity or challenge. Effective strategic communications combines speed, accuracy, diligence and savvy.

It means being honest and nimble.
It means being quick with a solid plan.

TMG presents an outside view, while filling a temporary seat at your table to work seamlessly with your executive team on a project-to-project or long-term basis.

We offer premium expertise with value overhead pricing and billing. Our standard agreements are all in, for you. We have partnerships with subject matter experts when the situation necessitates. We have invested in the most advanced communications platforms and technology to reach opinion leaders and news media in real-time.